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Donate to help end poverty in Duluth

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What does it mean to live in poverty? Poverty deprives people of security and well-being, of education and health care. It can take away people’s freedom, dignity and peace of mind, it robs people of their future.

17% of your neighbors here in Duluth are experiencing poverty. 42% of people living in Duluth don’t make a livable wage. We could go on and on.

Community Action Duluth exists to stand alongside people in poverty to provide a path to possibility, a livelihood, a sustainable future and new hope.

Stand with us. There is a power in you to make a difference in the lives of others and in your community. Monetary gifts are critical to our mission—they allow us to provide the programs, classes, coaching, free tax site and more that provide opportunity for families and individuals who are struggling. Please consider making a donation to ensure the work we do continues.

Amazing stories happen here every day. Help us keep telling them.